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Making of a Great Manager; A Company’s Key to Success

The majority of American managers are in the wrong role, placed there based on seniority, a reward-based system, or favoritism/company politics. This fails to take into consideration what makes someone great at what they do currently, might not make them a great manager, which requires an entirely different set of skills. The skill set needed to be a great marketer or salesman or innovator or friend is not the same as those needed to lead other people well.

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Burnt-Out Engaged Employees

Most companies agree, engaged employees profit their bottom line, increase production and motivate those around them, they are one of the more likely employees to experience burnout and leave. High engagement is linked to stress and may not be entirely beneficial as noted by Yale researchers. 20% of the exhausted-engaged employees polled reported high engagement and high burnout ( and do/emotion-revolution- workplace/) Due to this elevated burnout and stress, companies may experience higher, costly turnover rates.

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Involved vs Essential: Learning to Delegate

A confused line often lies between being involved and being essential in a leaders mindset. Your involvement is a mix of the opportunities, mandates, and choices you make regarding the work you do. How essential you are depends on how decisively and wisely you activate those around you, in other words how well you delegate and motivate. The goal is to become more essential and less involved.

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