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Quality, Safety and Culture Assessments

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The journey toward highly reliable quality and patient safety begins with an understanding of the present state with an eye toward a possible future. Our Relia advisor team has experienced the possible future and as a result, have the insight necessary to recognize your present challenges, By starting with our quality and safety assessment or culture assessment you, your board and your medical staff acquire the necessary analysis to begin your journey toward high-reliability.

That’s where RELIA comes in.

With unique assessment programs focused on quality and patient safety and organizational culture improvement, we’re here to maximize your resources. Open the door to success with these innovative, assessment programs.

Quality and Safety Assessment

Our unique Quality and Safety Assessment is a multi-faceted examination of your current quality and safety practices with a gap analysis of your present and desired future state.

In this program, we will work with you, your leadership team, medical staff leaders and key board members to gain insights into your present challenges and practices as well as help you create a vision for a high-reliability organizational plan.

This signature program is highly participative and is led by a Relia founding partner to ensure you are receiving the appropriate resources and expertise.

Insightful Analysis

Upon completion of our analysis, we provide an initial evaluation of your organizational quality and safety practices. This analysis is compiled through a series of interviews with you and your team of key board members, medical staff leaders and employees. Your practices are compared to proven best practices to inform our recommendations for your high-reliability journey.

Map Your Journey Forward

Depending on the availability of your team, a typical assessment takes approximately 3-weeks to complete an assessment, including the delivery of a written report and debriefing for your team by a Relia founding partner.

Contact us today to take your quality and patient safety initiatives to the next level. We are eager to invest in your clinical success. 

Organizational Culture Assessement

An institution’s culture is influenced by the actions and conversations of all members. Through these individual movements and dialogues, our organizations take on unique identities. Simultaneously, our institutions adopt approaches that either move us toward high-reliability practices or diminish our effectiveness. Transparency around such cultures can be difficult to achieve, making solving an ineffective organizational culture especially challenging.

Our Organizational Culture Assessment evaluates and helps you solve these challenges with the support of industry experts. Our program guides organizational leaders through an introspective analysis to identify the levers and barriers to institutional quality and safety effectiveness as a result of culture. Together, we work to help you take charge of and improve your organizational culture at all levels.

Proven Results

Our Organizational Culture Assessment has demonstrated success with results you can see. While we individualize every program to meet your organization’s unique needs, we’ve also perfected a three-step process to maximize results:

1.     We employ a culture assessment tool that is deeply grounded in research to capture the insights of your leadership team in a way that fosters honest and transparent dialogue.

2.     Using your results, we then facilitate a one-day culture intensive workshop to lead your executive team through the process of identifying existing and desired culture characteristics.

3.     Together, we work with you and your team to develop a list of the actions necessary to improve the overall organizational effectiveness of your culture.

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