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Leadership Development and Culture Assessment

Invest in Talent.

Broad leadership development efforts and revamps of organizational culture often fall short. They fail to effectively prepare highly-investable leaders for the broad range of leadership and cultural challenges they’ll face in the healthcare industry. Not all team members are at the same place in their evolutions, which renders broad efforts ineffective. As a result, more precise mechanisms for preparing leaders for specific roles and training around organizational culture at all levels are necessary.

That’s where RELIA comes in.

With unique programs focused on personalized leadership development and organizational culture improvement, we’re here to maximize your resources. Open the door to success with these innovative, healthcare-specific programs.

Individualized Leadership Intensive

Our unique Individualized Leadership Intensive Program (ILI) is a six-month leadership development process that takes your leadership stars to the next level.

In this program, we’ll work with your individual leaders to:

  1. Assess the individual leader/s to locate both strengths and weaknesses.

  2. Co-create a personalized leadership development agenda with your direction as well as the participating leader.

  3. Survey direct reports, peers, and supervisor/s to develop a plan that meets your organizational goals.

This signature program is highly participative. Elements include weekly projects and assignments designed to leverage strengths as well as develop areas of opportunity for improved leadership at all levels.

Weekly interactions are conducted using a video conferencing portal with leadership strategist Rod Brace, Ph.D. Throughout the process, Rod will continuously provide confidential instruction, coaching, and mentorship. Rod is also available to ILI participants for non-scheduled consultation by phone and text throughout the 6-month engagement. Participants are encouraged to contact him for advice related to pressing leadership challenges as an additional avenue for real-time learning.

Measurable Success

At the onset, we provide an initial evaluation of leadership effectiveness based on assessments from the participating leader, supervisors, employees, and colleagues.  Rod works directly with the leader’s supervisor to ensure specific actions have been taken toward the desired development goals. Additionally, the ILI participant is benchmarked nationally against 100K+ leaders to gauge overall leadership effectiveness and growth.

Industry-Leading Curriculum

This 6-month intensive curriculum includes weekly teaching/coaching video conferences, educational materials, private leadership webinars, video and audio resources, just-in-time consultation, supervisor debriefs, and a comprehensive 360 assessment with national benchmarking against other leaders for a total investment of $20K.

Development topics include:

  1. Achieving results

  2. Collaboration

  3. Courageous authenticity

  4. Creating effective teams

  5. Decisiveness

  6. Interpersonal intelligence

  7. Leadership integrity

  8. Maintaining composure

  9. Mentoring

  10. Personal learning skills

  11. Purposeful vision

  12. Selfless leadership

  13. Strategic focus

  14. Sustainable productivity

  15. Systems thinking

  16. Team dynamics

Contact us today to take your leadership team to the next level. We are eager to invest in your high potential leaders.  If you prefer a more traditional executive coaching approach, we do provide a monthly engagement as well.

Organizational Culture Assessement

An institution’s culture is influenced by the actions and conversations of all members. Through these individual movements and dialogues, our organizations take on unique identities. Simultaneously, our institutions adopt approaches that either move us toward success or diminish our effectiveness. Transparency around such cultures can be difficult to achieve, making solving an ineffective organizational culture especially challenging.

Our Organizational Culture Assessment (OCA) evaluates and helps you solve these challenges with the support of industry experts. Our program guides organizational leaders through an introspective analysis to identify the levers and barriers to institutional progress as a result of culture. Together, we work to help you take charge of and improve your organizational culture at all levels.

Proven Results

Our OCA has demonstrated success with results you can see. While we individualize every program to meet your organization’s unique needs, we’ve also perfected a three-step process to maximize results:

1.     We employ a culture assessment tool that is deeply grounded in research to capture the insights of your leadership team in a way that fosters honest and transparent dialogue.

2.     Using your results, we then facilitate a one-day culture intensive workshop to lead your executive team through the process of identifying existing and desired culture characteristics.

3.     Together, we work with you and your team to develop a list of the actions necessary to improve the overall organizational effectiveness of your culture.

The cost of the assessment, executive debrief, and one-day planning intensive varies depending on the number of assessment participants. However, the average investment for up to 20 online assessments, 10 phone interviews, and facilitation of a one-day culture intensive with 20 attendees (plus any meeting facility, travel, and lodging expenses) is $15K.

Contact us today to take charge of your organizational culture and optimize success at all levels of your institution.