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Artificial Intelligence and the New Manager

While it is predicted that Artificial Intelligence (AI) may eliminate 20 - 40% of current employment opportunities, AI will not displace entire industries or career paths. It will require up-skilling and constant study in order to meet accelerated learning and certification requirements. While some positions will be removed or altered, there will remain the need for leaders to understand and deploy this new technology.

AI’s impact on the future of work

Artificial Intelligence will enhance current processes by combining the speed of computing with cognitive processing capability. Below are a few examples:

  • The prediction of cyber threats with more acuity and accuracy.

  • Improvement of virtual assistants to include human-like interactions, natural voices, and decision-making improvements.

  • Increased use within the hiring space to match candidates with positions and to quickly find potential new hires who possess the necessary skills.

  • Continued development of AI tools in the communication and service of consumer requests.

  • Streamlined training and onboarding processes for new and current employees.

  • Continued impact in the fields of data collection and analytics.

  • Enhanced problem solving, innovation and deep learning.

  • Increased productivity automation of repetitive tasks, improved engagement, and productivity among employees.

  • Increased need for new regulatory and compliance requirements through which leaders must navigate.

How AI will impact Leaders

Artificial intelligence will require increased leadership focus to utilize more precise data enabling leaders to evaluate best practices and influence behaviors. More accurate date, void of personal preference or bias, will enable leaders to assess and retrain current employees in ways that leverage personal motivations and capabilities. As AI is adopted and integrated into business practices, AI talent will be in short-supply necessitating a strategic approach to attracting and retaining AI talent.

While the adoption of AI technology is advancing, continued testing for accuracy coupled with a healthy skepticism regarding appropriate applications will continue in the short-term.  Leaders must ensure responsible use and appropriate applications of AI within their company.