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Burnt-Out Engaged Employees

Most companies agree, engaged employees profit their bottom line, increase production and motivate those around them, they are one of the more likely employees to experience burnout and leave. High engagement is linked to stress and may not be entirely beneficial as noted by Yale researchers. 20% of the exhausted-engaged employees polled reported high engagement and high burnout ( and do/emotion-revolution- workplace/) Due to this elevated burnout and stress, companies may experience higher, costly turnover rates.

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Don't Lose Another Top Employee

According to, the top five reasons employees are leaving their current jobs (in majority order) is because they are bored and unchallenged; not a fit for their current company culture; expecting to lose their job in the near future; are looking for a higher salary or are unhappy with the current company political scene ( And with approximately 2 million new jobs added in 2017 alone, there is plenty of opportunity to switch.

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