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Professional Assessment Tests Impact HROs

Healthcare systems have increasingly turned to the High Reliability Organization (HRO) model to address the continued occurrence of patient harm and risks to patient safety. Leaders play a crucial role in creating a successful HRO culture, maintaining set standards and employing highly engaged, intrinsically motivated caregivers in order to improve the success rate of the HRO. One way to improve the quality of an HRO is to hire the right leaders. Professional assessment tests play an imperative role in finding the right leader for the right role.

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Leadership Collaboration and HRO Success

Workplace trends show an alarming move towards aloof management and distanced leadership. The gap between leadership and the workforce may prove to be every Human Resource Officer’s (HRO) nightmare. The Army records two important facets to improving an HRO’s success, encouraging and developing a learning environment and engaging leadership in a collaborative relationship with their workforce.

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