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Leader Connect has been a tremendous help to my personal leadership growth. The weekly prompts Rod provides are thought-provoking and have challenged me to continue developing in many areas including communication, goal-setting and development of my team. This program has given me a renewed sense of purpose in my career and confidence as a leader. I would recommend this to anyone looking to grow!
— Medical Group Executive
Leader Connect Corporate
1,500.00 every month

Invest in your leaders with a corporate membership of 10 leadership seats for $1500 per month.


Leader Connect is a unique executive coaching experience for healthcare leaders that combines asynchronous personal interactions with online connectivity. Traditional coaching can be effective, but the delivery of the coaching experience can be inefficient and costly. Leader Connect facilitates one-on-one interactions and group learning by deploying digital solutions. In doing so, executive coaching is effective and far more affordable. Investing in your leaders is now possible with a monthly corporate membership of 10 leadership seats for $1500 ($150/leader monthly investment). Cancel at anytime.

With a Leader Connect corporate membership, your leaders set goals and then communicate goal updates to their executive coach using a cloud and mobile platform. For more urgent coaching needs, they simply record their video message using our preferred mobile app and receive a video reply from their coach. Your cohort of participants receive a weekly challenge (that can be designed around your company initiatives) in a group learning experience with other colleagues from your team to gain perspective and best-practices. As the sponsoring executive, you receive access to their responses so you may gauge their leadership critical-thinking skills. As part of the corporate membership, your participants will have access to a private online portal for new leadership tips and tools (updated weekly), including podcasts, tutorials, articles and videos, to accelerate your leadership development. Live phone calls and 360 Survey assessments are available as add-on services if desired.

As the executive sponsor, we work with you to identify your desired areas of focus for your leaders, which may included: 

  • Creating professionalism

  • Utilizing social media in leadership

  • Hiring the optimal team

  • Setting goals

  • Delegating for efficiency

  • Structuring incentives

  • Providing feedback

  • Creating a career plan

  • Navigating difficult conversations

  • Conducting effective meetings

  • Designing strategy

  • Making a career transition

  • Developing courageous authenticity

  • Making caring connections with team members

  • Communicating with supervisors

  • Achieving meaningful work

  • Motivating employees

  • Mastering public speaking

  • Creating non-negotiables

  • Balancing life and work

  • Overcoming perfectionism

  • Achieving results that get noticed

As your leaders pursue their goals, they will interact with their executive coach who has served in senior executive positions in healthcare systems. Their experience becomes an asset for career and personal development. Meet the executive coach who can answer your questions about the Leader Connect membership program here.

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Leader Connect Corporate
1,500.00 every month

Invest in your leaders with a corporate membership of 10 leadership seats for $1500 per month.


Rod’s mentorship has allowed me to recognize my blind spots as a leader and given me the tools necessary to improve my leadership skills. He has a wealth of knowledge in this space and I’m grateful to be learning from one of the best.
— Strategy Executive

Some restrictions apply to employees of Houston healthcare providers.