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Healthcare leadership support from experienced healthcare leaders 

The challenges healthcare leaders face today are rapidly changing yet critically important. As a healthcare executive, you face these growing complexities on a daily basis. You’re asked to deliver highly reliable care, incorporate emerging technologies, ensure adequate board advocacy, sustain financial solvency, and properly manage an unprepared workforce. All at once.

No small feat, we know!

As highly experienced health care executives, our team at RELIA Healthcare Advisors understands these unique challenges. That’s why we’re here to help with customized offerings that address your ongoing organizational and leadership needs. Our specialized programs include:

  • HIgh-Reliability Organizational Models

  • Quality and Patient Safety Strategies

  • Leadership Development

  • Organizational Culture Assessment

  • Board Communication and Strategy

  • Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

  • Employee Engagement

Partner with Industry Experts

As leaders in the healthcare industry ourselves, we understand that the last thing you need is another consulting report designed to sell you something. What you really need is an informed and insightful colleague who speaks from experience and serves as a trusted, confidential advisor.

That’s why our leadership team includes industry experts to help you master:

  • Meaningful Employee Engagement

  • Successful Leadership Strategies

  • Effective Organizational Culture Models

  • Innovative Organizational Redesign

  • Effective Board Communication

Our leadership specialists will equip you with the tools and tactics you need to best support your organization. With RELIA advisors, you gain a trusted partner to manage organizational expectations related to growth, operational effectiveness, and financial viability.

We know that your time is valuable. That’s why you only interact with senior colleagues—no junior associates who are learning on the job at your expense!

Solutions That Meet Your Needs

As a small firm of highly experienced healthcare executives, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet your demands, on your time. Our approach keeps you and your particular needs at the center of the process. Instead of offering one-size-fits-all solutions, we work closely with you to address your unique challenges and environment, whether it’s for a quick phone consultation or a more extended formal engagement.

We understand the pressures you face and the uncertainties that fill your day. That’s why we founded RELIA —to help healthcare leaders and organizations find solutions as painlessly as possible.

Learn more about how we can make your life easier.


Areas of Practice

Leadership Development

Leadership is the accelerant of any successful organization. We believe that leaders have an obligation to those they lead. Employees should be endeared to the leadership of individuals rather than respond to a fear-based culture. Successful organizations create an interdependent culture whereby trust, transparency and safety result in meaningful work and service to their patients.

We work with you to deploy a leadership framework that supports your goals, optimizes your leaders and creates value for those you serve. Our culture assessment is a great place to start to identify your opportunities for leadership development.

Executive Coaching

The level of complexity required of you as a healthcare leader is intense.  As a senior executive, the isolation of decision-making and sense-making can be overwhelming.  While we are experienced executive coaches, we don't provide the traditional coaching program.  Rather, we walk next to you to advise and think broadly about the challenges you face. 

Discussing significant issues with people within your organization can be sensitive and destabilize the culture if not done correctly. We are an extra set of ears to help you think through your approach to avoid unintended consequences.

Organizational design, strategy, and INtervention

The framework from which you achieve your goals is largely dependent on the organizational design and implementation strategy you select.  We understand the magnitude and sensitivity of these matters and are available to help you examine options and design an effective implementation strategy. Our expertise covers high level organizational redesign efforts to urgent organizational interventions when management, medical staff, or board members disagree on a shared direction.

culture assessment & development

Culture encompasses everything we say, do and believe in an organization.  For that reason, culture development can be an intimidating challenge for senior leaders.  Our approach invites an honest and transparent dialogue among you and your team members related to your present and desired culture. We use well researched measurement tools to frame that conversation and help you challenge your team toward a new culture.  Learn more.

Medical Staff Development

The success of a healthcare organization is closely tied to an effective strategy for the integration of the medical staff.  Our physician and administrative experts are well equipped to partner with you to create effective organizational structures and deliver physician leadership development.

HIgh-reliability organizational Models & Baldrige Framework

Today’s healthcare environment demands that organizations provide value by improving quality and patient safety while enhancing the patient experience, eliminating waste and reducing cost. Whether this new normal simply challenges profitability or threatens survival, responding effectively requires a systematic, integrated approach that can quickly respond to rapid changes in regulatory and market conditions. Healthcare organizations are adopting high-reliability practices and the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence to provide the framework for re-engineering their systems and processes in order to remain competitive. We offer experience and results gained through partnerships with numerous hospitals involving multiple state and national applications, site visits and feedback reports. 


The journey toward high-reliability practices requires the integration of proven processes, engaged employees, committed leaders, visionary governance, and integrated medical staff. Each component is crucial to reaching optimum levels of quality and patient safety.
— Rod Brace, Ph.D., Founding Partner


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